Rooting for Community Radio in Nigerian


rooting-for-community-radio-in-nigerianThe advocacy for the actualization of a community radio sector in Nigeria is five years old, and still occupying the front burner in the Tagenda for development in this country. During the planning and launching stages of the ‘Initiative on Building Community Radio in Nigeria’ In 2003, stakeholders were unsure of the exact length of the journey, but certain that the challenge would be overcome and community radio would become a reality in our country before long. Stakeholders have kept faith.

In every part of Nigeria and beyond her shores, they have continued to spread the message of grassroots development which has radio as a key ingredient. On the background of a thorough understanding of the Nigerian environment, they have resiliently engaged governance processes in policy, legislation and regulation. And the outcomes have been generally encouraging. Gathered in the following pages are carefully articulated materials, which have been generated by stakeholders to press advocacy in the past few years.

Significantly, the voices in the collection straddle such constituencies as civil society, media, academia, government and the international community.It is our hope that this publication will further provide public education and help in bringing about a vibrant community radio sector before long in Nigeria. Click here to downloand