Curriculum for Community Radio Training in Nigeria


Curriculum for Community Radio Training in NigeriaAdvocacy for the actualization of community radio remains on Athe front burner in Nigeria. A little over three years of concerted work, stakeholders are able to count
significant advances. These include a widespread awareness of the benefits of community radio, a broader participation base in its advocacy, policy and regulatory reform processes embarked upon by various agencies of government and the approval of licences to some academic communities, among others.

At the threshold of the emergence of community radio stations, one of the major challenges of stakeholders, particularly the prospective managements of upcoming stations, is the dearth of appropriately packaged training processes and properly skilled and oriented personnel. If the upcoming community stations would be valued and sustainable institutions; indeed, if they would be part and parcel of the development processes of their owner communities, their managers and operators must be moulded by modern professional and community-spirited skill building programmes.

The skill-building process should be erected on a foundation of a wellarticulated curriculum. This is what this work sets out to do. A group of professionals, drawn from academia, radio institutions and civil society, was requested to engage this assignment. What we have in the following pages is the result of their historic effort. Yet, this important work must be seen as the beginning of another stage and a stimulator of further steps from whose realization it would achieve. Click here to download