Audience Research Methods for Campus Radio Stations


Audience Research Methods for Campus Radio StationsThe radio broadcasting sector in Nigeria has expanded in recent years. Among the indicators of this expansion is the licensing of radio stations on campuses of tertiary educational institutions in various parts of the country.

Many of these stations are already on air, others are preparing to start. There are also reports that many other institutions have submitted licence applications to the broadcasting regulatory agency. As the vision for ownership and management of broadcasting grows in educational institutions and licenced stations prepare to service their owner-communties, the challenge of producing quality and relevant content takes centre-stage. Whatever reasons might have informed the establishment of campus a radio station, one thing is clear: it must deliver content which satisfies the tastes and meets the needs of the community. The way to find out these tastes and needs is to conduct audience research.

This book presents various scientific methods available to campus stations in conducting audience research. The presentation is lucid and enhances easy application of each of the methods. The book is a great resource not only to operators of campus broadcasting stations but also their colleagues in other broadcasting sub-sectors as well as students of communication research methods within and outside educational institutions. It is our hope that, ultimately, the book will contribute to achieving stronger health for the broadcasting sector, improved service delivery to audiences and richer pluralism in the media industry in Nigeria. Click here to download