Truth In Search of a Voice


truth-in-search-of-a-voiceThe title of this compilation, Truth In Search of a Voice, aptly captures Tnot only the content of this compilation but also one of the major theses that drove the research career of Professor Alfred Opubor for about five decades. It is Professor Opubor’s belief that real truth exists, empowers, equips and delivers. That truth is not the exclusive possession of a race, a sex or a group of experts. Rather, truth is discovered as women, men and children express their opinions in their voices and metaphors in an atmosphere of equality and freedom. Simple as this may be, it has been difficult to realize. Truth has been in chains because women and men have been denied access to the media by which that truth can be expressed. Development experts, academics, government and business people have laid exclusive claims to truth and to the media of its expression, banishing all other women and men, members of the community, to the position of passive receivers of foreign truth, which is no truth at all. Click here to download