Public Enlightenment Series No 2- Secure Leadership an Essential for Broadcast Regulators Effectiveness

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The media sector reform in Nigeria is progressing, with the government actively working to modify various aspects of the media landscape. One area of particular focus is the reform of broadcasting legislation.

The primary legislation governing broadcasting in Nigeria is the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) Act, originally enacted in 1992 and later amended in 1999. In 2021, legislative action regarding the NBC Act took place in the National Assembly. A significant development was a Public Hearing held in June 2021 in the House of Representatives, which aimed to amend the NBC Act. This event brought together various stakeholders, including the Institute for Media and Society (IMS), which contributed by submitting a Memorandum and making a presentation.

One of the key issues currently under discussion in the reform of broadcasting legislation in Nigeria is the security of the leadership of the regulatory body. This topic is the main focus of attention for the present month.

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