Pre-conference Online Forum


The Institute for Media and Society, (IMESO), is organizing a 4 week online forum from October 21 to November 15, 2013.  The forum is designed as a pre-conference activity in the build up to the Pan Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning, an international event which will run in Abuja, Nigeria from 2nd to 6th December, 2013.

The objective of the online forum is to enrich the capacity of community/campus radio sector as well as Open and Distance Learning (ODL) practitioners. The forum will focus on discussing the innovations and potentials that new media offer in the development of open and distance learning in Nigeria and other countries.
Campus radio operators in Nigeria are currently exploring innovations of new media to support ODL in their various campuses. Despite various constraints, the operators have made some progress in using new media resources to engage ODL activities. While still awaiting the issuance of licences, grassroots community radio initiatives are also exploring the new media space for dissemination of audio contents.

The upcoming online forum will bring together communities/campus radio practitioners, civil society groups, academia and others to share experiences and generate ideas on improved mechanism which grassroots/community-focused communicators could deploy using new media for community learning and development.
Participants will be drawn from Nigeria and other countries including those from the Commonwealth.

The forum discussion willl be hosted on our Facebook page and also on Twitter using the Hash Tag #NCR4ODL and Twitter handle @imesoimeso. On Google+ with label #NCR4ODL.