Memorandum on the Broadcasting Regulatory Framework in Nigeria


A strong and effective regulatory framework is crucial for the proper functioning of the broadcast media in Nigeria’s democratic and electoral processes. The aim is to widely disseminate this framework among stakeholders to facilitate their engagement in the reform process and promote best practices in the country’s broadcast industry regulation. The Institute for Media and Society (IMS) has conducted capacity-building initiatives over several years, involving media professionals and regulatory bodies, with a focus on enhancing media professionalism, civic and voter education, inclusion, and regulatory performance.

The document contains stakeholders’ observations gathered from these conversations, highlighting key issues currently at the forefront of broadcasting regulation. Each issue is presented in a clear and straightforward manner, providing an overview of the current situation, followed by observations and proposals. The publication also includes a response section that clarifies the progress made towards reform, as articulated by stakeholders.

The IMS expresses gratitude to the European Union for its support, which has been instrumental in bringing this important publication to fruition.

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