Joint Civil Society Statement on the Signing of the Electoral Bill


Joint Civil Society Statement on the Signing of the Electoral Bill, 2022 into Law on 25 February, 2022 by President Muhammadu Buhari.


25 February, 2022

  1. Today, Friday, 25 February, 2022 President Muhammadu Buhari signed the Electoral Bill 2022, into Law marking a huge milestone in Nigerian’s quest to consolidate electoral democracy. The new Electoral Act, 2022 which incorporates innovative provisions that guarantees credibility in our electoral process signifies a new era in the history of elections in Nigeria’s developing democracy. More importantly, the new Electoral Act symbolises the commitment of Nigerians to remain consistent in the demand for credible, free and fair elections.
  2. We commend the President for fulfilling his promise to assent to the Electoral Bill. We also commend the National Assembly for their responsiveness in ensuring the Bill substantially reflects the will of the Nigerian people and for transmitting the Bill to the President expeditiously.
  3. We commend and congratulate Nigerians for their active participation and vigilance in engaging the electoral reform process since inception. Civil Society Organisations, and the Media deserve special commendation for their steadfastness, resilience and for sustaining the pressure for the successful completion of the electoral reform process. We also acknowledge the contributions of the international partners and other stakeholders to the electoral reform process.
  4. This Electoral Act reviews timelines for election activities. For instance, the new Act requires the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to issue a Notice of Election not later than 360 days to the next general election. We call on INEC to as a matter of urgency, issue a notice of election and announce new dates for the 2023 general elections.
  5. The undersigned CSO’s call on the National Assembly to ensure gazetted copies of the Electoral Act 2022 are available to citizens and election stakeholders. We note that a delay in this will further reduce the opportunities for citizen’s and stakeholders to sufficiently familiarise with the new Act and support its implementation in the electoral process.
  6. This Electoral Act 2022, is a product of a consistent citizen’s action and effective partnerships towards reforming Nigeria’s electoral process. History will reckon with our dedication to building our electoral democracy.

Long live Democracy in Nigeria, long live Nigeria.


  1. ActionAid Nigeria
  2. Yiaga Africa
  3. Partners for Electoral Reform (PER)
  4. International Press Centre
  5. Institute for Media and Society
  6. Nigerian Women Trust Fund
  7. The Albino Foundation
  8. Centre for Citizens with Disability
  9. Centre for Journalism Innovation and Development
  10. Transition Monitoring Group
  11. CLEEN Foundation
  12. Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC)
  13. Women Advocates Research and Documentation Centre (WARDC)
  14. Nigeria Network of Non-Governmental Organizations (NNNGO)
  15. Inclusive Friends Association (IFA)
  16. Enough is Enough
  17. The Electoral Hub
  18. Centre for Liberty
  19. Take Back Nigeria Movement
  20. International Peace and Civic Responsibility Centre (IPCRC)
  21. 100 Women Lobby Group
  22. Women in Politics Forum
  23. Raising New Voices
  24. Millennials Active Citizenship Advocacy Africa
  25. ReadyToLeadAfrica