Conducting Media Audience Research


The publication “Audience Research Methods for Campus Radio Stations” was released ten years ago, and since then, valuable lessons have been learned about the importance of democratizing access to basic research skills in the African broadcast sector. The book was well-received and widely used beyond its intended audience, emphasizing the significance of providing tools to those who need them.

The primary beneficiaries of this book are media professionals and media organizations. It recognizes that there are occasions when media organizations need to gather feedback from their audience in a more systematic manner than just through phone-ins and online comments. This book provides detailed guidance on how to approach such systematic research.

The unique approach of this book combines instructional aspects, providing guidelines and instructions on research, with a reportorial aspect that documents a research training workshop conducted in collaboration. The hands-on experience gained by the trained professionals at the workshop is shared in a reader-friendly manner within the book.

In Africa, there is a growing advocacy for policy-engaged research, which involves partnering with research users to design, execute, and implement research. For research users to actively participate in this process, they need to have a basic understanding of the research process. This book serves as a demonstration of how such users and actors can be equipped to become active partners in evidence-driven decision-making.

While appreciating the value of this book, it is hoped that similar publications will emerge in various professions and vocations in the country. This would contribute to the realization of the vision of evidence-driven decision-making across public institutions and sectors.

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