More Women Eye Presidential Seat In 2019


More women are expressing interest to contest next year’s presidential election on different political platforms.

One of such women, Dr. Helen Solomon, who recently expressed readiness to run for the top political post in the country said Nigeria has not faired well since independence.

Mrs. Solomon who has over 20 years experience in business and economic development contended that Nigeria needs a new crop of leaders to change its narrative.

According to the Delta State indigene, who is contesting on the platform of Peoples Redemption Party (PRP), diverse tribes with cultural differences in the country must be seen as one to move the nation forward.

She canvassed a new Nigeria where social justice and all amenities will be available to all and not just the rich and the corrupt.

She said: “Nigeria needs to break away from self-centered men who have dominated the political space.

These men have not laid good examples since they have been in major political offices.

It is time to implement true democracy by carrying the masses along and bringing in a new crop of young, talented and skilled commoners into the government.

“Under this new dispensation, every citizen of Nigeria will get what is due to him or her from the society, government and the nation at large.

Poverty will be eradicated, illiteracy will be wiped out, crimes will be abolished, robbery, kidnapping, tribal and religious wars will cease.

Corruption, which is the biggest problem plaguing Nigeria will be totally eradicated and the country will become a secure and safe place for everyone to live. Indeed it is time for the New Nigeria.”

She noted that rebranding Nigeria would require the input of every citizen, from those in small medium scale businesses (SMEs) to professional bodies.

“Rebranding Nigeria is going to take steps and it begins with everyone of us.

From the market woman selling garri to professional bodies, who are honest and committed to see a better nation.

We need to make up our minds as individuals to treat others the way we want to be treated, do to others what you want them to do to you. When each of us begin to do that Nigeria will be better for it.”

Mrs. Solomon is the founder and CEO, “Operation Deborah Arise” (ODA), an international, non-governmental/nonprofit organization specializing in raising women from grass to grace.

Through this organization rehabilitates African prostitutes as well as stopping child trafficking and the use of young girls as sex slaves.