New Academy to shape media practice launched


A new media academy, Alphabet Media Academy has been launched to shape future of media practitioners, as media egg heads support initiative. The Academy which was established to create a pool of well-trained talents that will shape the future of Media and Marketing Communication industry in Nigeria and Africa will commence in April 2018. The Academy which will commence lecture in April, saw industry regulators and representative of sectoral bodies in the media and marketing communication ecosystem converge to embrace the birth of the academy. Alphabet Media Academy will be offering a Post Graduate Media Advertising Training for new entrants, young media executives and regularly churned out trainees/students who are well-trained with hands-on practical experience. Speaking, Chairman of the Board, Mr. Vincent Oyo, stated, “Alphabet Media Academy is a unique project borne out of the ingenuity of the promoters.” Oyo stated further, “A gap analysis initiated by practitioners revealed deficiencies in the skill sets of current middle management staff of Media Independents quite clearly.” “Instructively therefore our young managers could not be global players and would in a competitive situation be dwarfed by their counterparts from other regions of the world.” He revealed.