Media Coverage of Electoral Issues in the 2011 Elections in Nigeria


Media Coverage of electoral Issues in the 2011 Elections in NigeriaNigeria continued the journey to consolidate democracy, when in April 2011, elections were conducted countrywide. That provided another opportunity for the media to demonstrate its position as a crucial national institution by providing quality coverage of the elections.

Seeing the need for strengthening the role of the media in the conduct of a credible election, the Democratic Governance for Development (DGD) project put in place a Media Centres Project. Among the components of the initiative was a Media Monitoring activity.

The Institute for Media and Society and its partners (MRA, IPC, NAWOJ & ERN) shared the vision. With the support of DGD, they deployed material and human resources in the six geo-political zones to carry out a comprehensive and professional monitoring of media coverage of the elections. The exercise involved collating and analysing contents of newspapers, radio and television in March, April and May 2011. This is one of two publications which articulate the result of the exercise.

We are a glad to have been entrusted with the responsibility to implement this important project. It is our hope that this publication will be useful to individuals and organizations who receive it and spawn an improved electoral process as well as the deepening of democracy in Nigeria. Click here to download