2019: Group Asks Parties To Allow Young People Seek Elective Positions


The ‘Not Too Young To Run Movement’ on Wednesday said political parties must give opportunities to young people and women with disabilities to run for office.

The group also asked political parties to reduce the cost for running for office and cost for nomination, adding that Nigerian youth want a democratic and a direct primary election.

At the rally, the convener, ‘Not Too Young To Run Movement’, Samson Itodo, said any party that seeks the support of the youth in 2019 must do three things.

According to him, they must take intentional steps to assist young people and women with disability who are seeking to run.

”Political parties party must also reduce the cost for ruining for office and cost for nomination

”And finally, Nigerian youth want democratic and direct primaries,” he said.

According to Mr Itodo, direct primaries would enhance the opportunity and the chances for young people and women with disabilities to run for political positions.

He further said that there should not be imposition of candidates and automatic tickets to candidates, adding that it limits the chances of young people and women, as well as person’s with disabilities

The All Progressive Congress national treasurer, Adamu Panda, said the party has already met with 75 per cent of the demands of the group.

He said the APC is the only political party which has not only given people with disabilities opportunity to contest elections at all levels but has also made their nomination free of charge.

“Nothing says what a sixty year old can do an eighteen year old can not do better. Nigeria belongs to all of us.

”Any nation that discards the youth is doing so at is own peril.

”As the party in power that sought the bill and signed the bill and it has now become a law in this country.

A member of the movement and founder of Connected Development, Hamzat Lawal, also highlighted that 2019 is centred around young people.

”Presently in Nigeria, we have 68 political parties that do not create any enabling environment for youth in this country.

”The youth would not vote for any party that does not accommodate the young men and women in Nigeria and we would mobilise over 50 million Nigerian youth to not vote for them.”